SRC is the premier community to support healthcare providers and staff participating in clinical trials.


To establish and expand best practices through collaboration between research clinicians.


To be the premier community hub that supports and inspires health care providers and clinical trials staff to change research practices for the betterment of patient care and clinical trial access.

Our non-profit organization knows that healthcare providers and staff have unique needs when it comes to clinical trial management. SRC supports our members by providing you with the community you need and can rely upon.

At SRC, we work smarter. With busy clinic schedules, investigational drug services and pharmacies, and numerous demands from trial sponsors, efficiency is essential. This means we collaborate. We develop standardized processes, best practices, and collaborate within and across each profession that contributes to managing clinical trials at your site.

With unique communities specific to your region and role in clinical trials, SRC creates a professional network for healthcare professionals and trial support staff.

SRC is your professional home. We encourage you to be active in your community, develop neighborhoods in your community to build strong research practices, travel around SRC to see how others practice, advocate for your patients and the community, and bring life to your research site.

Meet your research community and change the way research is conducted from the ground up.

Building bridges to breakdown barriers

Core Values
  • Collaboration
  • Guidance
  • Service
  • Transformation
  • History

    As Investigational Drug Service (IDS) pharmacists in pursuit of standardization and collaboration across IDS pharmacies and research pharmacy practices, Drs. Elyse A. MacDonald, Lisa Janssen Carlson, and Jennifer Murphy, formed a regional collaborative called the Northern California IDS Consortium. At their monthly meetings, they would discuss IDS challenges in operating clinical trials, notable trends in industry trial management, seek understanding of each other’s practices, and work towards regional alignment of practices. Most importantly, what they found was they created a support system amongst the three of them. 


    Without a professional organization that truly focused on the needs of research pharmacy services (RPS) and healthcare providers serving clinical trials patients, the Nor Cal IDS Consortium members had one simple goal: to create the premier professional community to support research pharmacy services, health care providers, and staff conducting clinical trials. With this aim, the Society of Research Clinicians (SRC) was formed in 2023.

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

    A community of clinical trial healthcare providers and staff as unique as our clinical trial patients. A professional community seeking clinical trial enrollment and access for all.


    At SRC, we committed to building a diverse and inclusive community to support the healthcare providers and research pharmacy services. We believe that every patient deserves access to enroll and receive healthcare through a clinical trial. At SRC, our members are committed to advancing equity in healthcare through increasing diversity, inclusion, and access to clinical trials for the patients in our communities where we live, work, and care for others.